Welcome to the College of Health and Human Services

 Our growing and dynamic college offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs to prepare graduates to pursue advanced degrees, and for a variety of practice, research and administrative roles in the health and human services fields. Our high quality, innovative educational programs include opportunities to study abroad and for distance education. Academic units include the Department of Kinesiology, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Social Work, and the School of Nursing.



VIDEO: Building Healthy Communities
April 16, 2015
A leading voice in the movement to build the places we live with an emphasis on public health spoke at UNC Charlotte last week. More than 200 people came to UNCC’s Center City Campus to hear Dr. Richard Jackson share his ideas for a radical rethinking of the physical structure of American...

Book Cover
Publication Spotlight: "Suicide by Cop"
April 10, 2015
A picture of the chalk outline of a body glows starkly from the cover of Dr. Vivian Lord’s new publication, an image that underscores the gravity of the work’s subject matter. Suicide By Cop (SbC) operates in an arena of high-stakes decisions and subtle distinctions. There is even disagreement...

Walsh Jennings
Ask an Expert: Kinesiology Tape
April 9, 2015
It first appeared in the public eye at the 2008 Summer Olympics. We wondered about the black lines stretched at bizarre angles across the bodies of the world's best athletes. It took a few days for announcers and viewers alike to figure out that the tape twisting across the shoulder...