The College of Health and Human Services

 Our growing and dynamic college offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs to prepare graduates to pursue advanced degrees, and for a variety of practice, research and administrative roles in the health and human services fields. Our high quality, innovative educational programs include opportunities to study abroad and for distance education. Academic units include the Department of Kinesiology, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Social Work, and the School of Nursing.



High Heels

High Heels and Ankle Issues: A Trainer's Advice on How to Stay on Your Feet
June 30, 2015

A new study showing the negative effects of prolonged high heel use confirms expert consensus on the footwear, according to a UNC Charlotte expert. The study, published this month in the International Journal of Clinical Practice (IJCP), found that wearing high heels can strengthen the ankle...

UNC Charlotte Programs Aid Grandmothers Who Raise Their Grandchildren
June 25, 2015

In the sunset of their lives, many grandmothers find themselves unexpectedly raising their grandchildren. Struggles with poverty, mental illness, incarceration and physical illness can leave parents unable to provide care. UNC Charlotte researchers Julian Montoro-Rodriguez and Dorothy Smith-Ruiz...

Trans Fat

Public Health Professor on Artificial Trans Fat Ban
June 22, 2015

The Food and Drug Administration is expanding its efforts to reduce the amount of dangerous artificial trans fats in American diets. The FDA declared trans fats unsafe for human consumption last week, giving companies three years to come into compliance with the new policy. Trans fats have been...