Charlotte Skyline

Foremost Expert to Discuss Built Environment, Public Health
March 27, 2015

“I believe we have built America in a way that is fundamentally unhealthy.” -Dr. Richard Jackson As the treatment of chronic diseases nears 90% of all dollars spent on health care in America, and efforts at reform meet public frustration and challenges in court, there is an increasing focus...

Alumni Spotlight: Lynn Dobson
March 23, 2015

Those who know Lynn Dobson recognize her as a passionate leader who has long been an advocate for children and vulnerable populations. Hers is a career whose breadth of coverage is matched by its depth of impact. Over the last four decades, she has spent much of her time giving back to others...


Public Health Leader to Address Partnerships Between Universities and Communities
March 12, 2015

It’s hard to overstate the intimacy of the relationship between a university and the community that surrounds it. In many ways, each is the product of the other. A school’s unique culture and feel naturally emerges from the area in which it resides; cities grow and progress by embracing the...

Veterans Memorial

Former Nobel Prize Nominee To Speak On Underappreciated American Ally in Vietnam War
March 12, 2015

Called the “Secret War” by many of its veterans, the conflict in Laos that transpired in concert with Vietnam War is an important, if often overlooked, chapter in American history. In the years following the United States’ withdrawal from the region, a group of native Laotians who aligned...

School of Social Work Celebration

CHHS to Celebrate New School of Social Work
March 10, 2015

On March 19, the College of Health and Human Services at UNC Charlotte will celebrate the transition of the Department of Social Work into the new School of Social Work. It’s much more than a simple name change. . To mark the occasion, North Carolina Rep. Graig  Meyer will deliver a keynote...


CHHS Conference Addresses Mecklenburg County Health Disparities
March 2, 2015

North Carolina ranked 37th in a recent state-by-state assessment of the nation’s health. While public health solutions are very rarely defined by a single action or limited series of actions, efforts to address the needs of vulnerable and underserved populations will play an...

Veterans Conference

Veterans' Health Conference Pushes Community Dialogue
February 25, 2015

Some pausing at the door to knock the remnants of an unexpected snow flurry from their coats, dozens filed into the Cone Center Tuesday morning for a conference on veterans’ health. Hosted by CHHS and headlined by Director of North Carolina Veterans Affairs Ilario Pantano and retired Major General...


CHHS Students to Travel to India, Cuba, and Malawi with Education Abroad Program
February 23, 2015

Three groups of CHHS students will depart on faculty-led excursions this week, traveling to different corners of the globe over their spring break as part of UNCC’s Education Abroad Program. The trips, which are components of on-campus spring term courses, will take students to Cuba, Malawi, and...

Veteran's Health Conference

Veterans' Health Panel Appears on WFAE Ahead of Upcoming Conference
February 19, 2015

A panel of veterans' healthcare experts appeared on WFAE's "Charlotte Talks" this week, offering a primer to a much anticipated conference on the subject set for next week at UNC Charlotte.  Former Deputy Surgeon General Marianne Mathewson-Chapman, the keynote speaker for the event...


Social Work Master's Student Wins Minority Fellowship
February 18, 2015

CHHS master’s student Sheena Beach is the recipient of a prestigious fellowship meant to improve the quality and availability of behavioral healthcare in underserved populations. Beach is the first UNCC Master of Social Work (MSW) student to win the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services...