Frequently Asked Questions - EXER

Exercise Science Majors

  • There are certain courses that MUST be taken as an Exercise Science Major. ALL of these courses must be completed before you can do your Exercise Science Internship.
  • You must receive a grade of C or higher in ALL required courses for the major.
  • All EXER and ATRN courses in which the student receives a grade less than a C must be retaken at UNC Charlotte.
  • You are responsible for the proper completion of your entire academic program. Your advisor can counsel but you must meet all university and degree requirements for graduation.
  • Each student is responsible for the proper completion of his or her academic program, for familiarity with the University Undergraduate Catalog, for maintaining the grade average required, and for meeting all other degree requirements.  The advisor will counsel, but the final responsibility remains that of the student. 
  • A student is required to have knowledge of and observe all regulations pertaining to campus life and student deportment.  The University has enacted two codes of student responsibility:  The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity and The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility which are summarized in this Catalog and available in full online.  As students willingly accept the benefits of membership in the UNC Charlotte academic community, they acquire obligations to observe and uphold the principles and standards that define the terms of UNC Charlotte community cooperation and make those benefits possible.
  • Each student is responsible for maintaining communication with the University and keeping on file with the Registrar's Office at all times a current address, including ZIP code, and telephone number. 
  • Each student, while associated with the University, is expected to participate in campus and community life in a manner that will reflect credit upon the student and the University. 
  • Advisors in the Department of Kinesiology have been assigned to help you in your progression in the major. These advisors cannot help you unless you make an appointment to see them. If you have any questions please see your advisor or the Exercise Science Program Director.
  • All majors must maintain current certification in First Aid, CPR, and AED. The department does offer annual recertification for the majors at a minimal cost.
  • As a student in a professional program in the College of Health and Human Services, you most likely will be asked by a clinical facility to undergo drug testing and/or have a criminal background check before being allowed to participate in a clinical experience at that facility. All costs associated with drug testing and background checks are the responsibility of the student.
  • During your senior year you will be taking a national credentialing examination through the American College of Sports Medicine for the "Health/Fitness Instructor". There is a fee for this exam that will be at your expense. Because you are graduating from one of only three ACSM endorsed Exercise Science programs in the State of North Carolina, you are automatically given credit for the practical portion of the Exercise Science Instructor exam.
  • One of the last experiences in the Exercise Science Major will be an internship in the health and fitness field.  The Internship Site Supervisor will assist in the successful completion of this internship experience.  However, the ultimate responsibility of obtaining, preparing for, and completing an internship rests with you. 
  • COMM1101 Public Speaking is required to be completed before the Exercise Science students enrolls in EXER 4490 Exercise Science Senior Internship.
  • Graduation - Students completing ALL their degree requirements in May, participate in the May ceremony. Students completing ALL degree in a summer term as well as those completing in December, participate in the December ceremony. The baccalaureate degree requires completion of 120-128 semester hours of credit, including all requirements for a major field of study.

Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated.