Study Abroad

Students interested in study abroad can work with The Office of Education Abroad to identify programs around the world that may compliment their program of study at UNC Charlotte. Most students in the Health and Human Services who study abroad choose to do so with one of our spring break or summer Faculty-led programs. However, there may be other opportunities that are major related, can help fulfill general requirements or give a student further training in a language, such as Spanish, that can enhance their marketability after graduation.  Current opportunities can be found at the CHHS Internationalization Commitee page.  For 2011-2012 there are Education Abroad courses - Malawi and Costa Rica.

The Office of Education Abroad offers scholarships for study abroad (more information can be found here). Students can use all financial aid for which they currently qualify on all approved study abroad programs.

For general information on study abroad please click here. Information on programs in particular parts of the world can be found here.

Students interested in studying abroad can come by CHHS 256 to get more information from our resource center and to sign up for an advising session (more information is available here).