Student Computer Lab, CHHS 370
51 seat Microsoft Windows computer lab.  Each workstation is equipped with campus standard software including SAS, SPSS, and Office 2007.  Additionally each workstation has an array of discipline-specific software assigned to and utilized by students and faculty across the College.
Computer Classrooms, CHHS 342, 384, 386
24, 27 and 23 seat Microsoft Windows computer classrooms.  Each workstation is similarly equipped as the 370 lab but these rooms are prioritized for classroom and instructional use.
Proctor Room, CHHS 362
This bank of six workstations is similarly equipped as the computer lab and classrooms to allow the proctoring of computer based tests for individual students.
Student Video Editing Room, CHHS 363
Two editing stations are available with iMovie and Final Cut Pro.
SMART Classrooms and Conference Rooms
Across the CHHS Building and Belk Gymnasium all 40+ classrooms, 10 conference rooms, 4 skills labs, and 1 reception hall are all outfitted with the campus SMART classroom standard.  Each has an LCD projector, DVD/VCR unit, instructor computer, document camera and SMART Technologies Sympodium.  Installed and maintained by the UNC Charlotte Office of Classroom Support these enhanced venues offer an additional level of interaction and instruction.
Video-Teleconferencing Classroom, CHHS 380
Looking to build on our distance education efforts this 105 seat classroom is equipped with a Polycom video-teleconferencing system capable of placing and receiving synchronous audio/video and content sharing calls anywhere in the world.
Video-Teleconferencing Portable Units
To add to our video-teleconferencing resources two portable solutions are available to enable calls from conference rooms and offices across the College.  Each has flat-panel displays for simultaneous audio, video and content sharing.
Public Access Thin Client Computers
Outside of lab hours or for visitors without campus logins four public access computers are available in two of the public convening areas in the building.  These systems leverage Information and Technology Services’ Thin Client technology with substantially higher ease of management and significantly lower acquisition costs.
Multimedia Workroom, CHHS 374
This workspace is equipped with both Apple and Windows workstations to allow faculty and staff to scan documents and images, manipulate these files and print on a large format printer.  CD/DVD duplication is also available.
Faculty Audio/Visual Recording/Editing Rooms, CHHS 374A, 374B
These sound-proof recording rooms are equipped with high-end, ultra-fast Apple and Windows computers respectively.  Each has audio/video capture, recording, editing, and distribution software installed.  Instructional uses have included providing student presentations on DVD for instructor and peer review.