Pre-Award: Research Administration

The CHHS Research Administration Office consists of one Pre-Award Administrator who facilitates the identification of funding opportunities, as well as application guidance, review, and approval. The CHHS Pre-Award Administrator works closely with the CHHS Post Award Administrator who facilitates award management, spending, reporting, and closeout. This close working relationship is crucial to ensure proposals submitted are in compliance with all regulations, as well as ensures a smooth post award experience.  The Pre-Award Administrator facilitates the review and approvals required prior to submission of applications, notifications, and requests to our sponsors. The Pre-Award Office provides guidance and expertise in:

  • Federal, sponsor, and University rules, regulations, guidance and compliance;
  • Application development, review and approval;
  • Budget development, including co-Investigators and their Research Administrative staff;
  • Required internal approvals via NORM;
  • Electronic submission of applications and just-in-time information;
  • Review, negotiation and execution of award changes related to carry-forward; grant transfers; change of PI; considerable re-budgeting, extensions, etc.; as well as
  • Agreements, contracts, subcontracts, and other subrecipients.

The Pre-Award Administrator will identify and connect researchers with the appropriate content expert on campus for:

The CHHS Pre-Award Office can provide, advise on, and assist with completion of Pre-Award Forms.