Survey Seeks to Assess Students Perception of Campus Safety

UNC Charlotte campus entrance
Friday, March 30, 2018

UNC Charlotte is collaborating with the University of Kentucky for the third year to implement a campus safety survey to all undergraduate students aged 18-24.

“Last year over 2,000 students used their voices to give the university feedback about their experiences at UNC Charlotte. This year, we are hoping to hear from over 5,000 students so we can make real, tangible changes to the way we deliver prevention and intervention services,” said Annelise Mennicke, principal investigator from UNC Charlotte on the project.

One in four women report being assaulted during their time in college, impacting their emotional and physical health and academic success.

Federal and state governments have prioritized the implementation of campus safety surveys to get an accurate understanding of student experiences with violence and harassment.

The survey, which was sent to students' email address from under the subject line "Campus Safety,” runs through April 9th.

Participants will be entered to win:

  • An annual parking pass;
  • More than 150 $10 Amazon gift cards;
  • $100 Barnes and Noble gift cards, and other prizes
  • $250 gift card to Barnes & Noble;
  • Athletic swag
  • $5 Starbucks gift cards

The University of Kentucky Center for Research on Violence Against Women is working with Centers for Disease Control to evaluate the effectiveness of bystander intervention programs at 24 college campuses nationwide.

Mennicke, a faculty member in the School of Social Work, lead the effort to have UNC Charlotte be selected as one of these sites.

The University of Kentucky is overseeing data collection and will compile a preliminary report on the status of violence on UNC Charlotte’s campus. The data will be returned to the university, where it will be used internally to revise and implement programs and policies that enhance the safety, well-being, and academic success of students.