Research on Women's Health Interest Group


The Research on Women’s Health Interest Group (R-WHIG) was established in 2016 as a forum for researchers across UNC Charlotte to meet, establish collaborations, and learn about topics relevant to women’s health.  Women’s health is complex—simply being a woman has a significant impact on health due to biological and gender-related differences.  The various roles a woman assumes during her lifetime results in a diverse set of health issues that affects her throughout her lifespan.  R-WHIG recognizes this complexity by encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to improving the health of all women.


R-WHIG is dedicated to the advancement of women’s health using an interdisciplinary approach that promotes the exchange of ideas, collaborations, dissemination of research findings, and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students interested in women’s health.  Researchers interested in women’s health may have different backgrounds, but these differences complement each other when it comes to improving the health of women.  At UNC Charlotte, women’s health researchers represent a wide-range of disciplines including Public Health Sciences, Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, Anthropology, Communication Studies, and Sociology.  These researchers conduct studies on a number of focus areas, such as pregnancy, contraception, sexual health, breastfeeding, female cancers, intimate partner violence, cardiovascular disease, mental health issues, obesity, and binge eating.


Since R-WHIG is a newly established entity at UNC Charlotte, it will continue to evolve to best suit the needs of its members.  Currently, R-WHIG seeks to create opportunities for faculty and students to share ideas in safe, informal settings where all opinions are valued and respected.  “Meet and Greet” sessions allow individuals interested in women’s health to drop-in during a set time to network and meet others who share their interests.  Other planned activities include seminars by local and regional experts on women’s health and viewings of documentaries and webinars relevant to women’s health.  Each academic year will culminate in a Student Research Poster Day that will coincide with National Women’s Health Week.  Undergraduate and graduate students will be invited to present on findings related to their research or practice-based activities.  Through these various activities, R-WHIG will create an open-dialogue that will advance and prioritize the health of women.