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CHHS Academic Advising Center:

Weekly Response to COVID-10

(April 6 – April 10, 2020)


Greetings CHHS Scholars,

Happy 4th week in the world of quarantined life! Can you believe it? We have made it to another week virtual and remote learning. So how is it going? Hopefully, things in your academic and persona life are going more smoothly now. As always, be sure to set some goals and strategize on how you will proceed this week. Here are some more questions to get those neurons flowing:  

  1. One personal goal that I want to set this week is?
  2. What is one thing I can improve upon this week?
  3. What do I now know about myself, that I didn't know last week?
  4. What GPA goal do I want to set for this semester

I know you are probably wondering, “why does he keep giving us reflective questions?” It is because I know the power of self-awareness and introspection is the pathway to self-actualization. Carl Jung put it best when he said, “the ability to ask questions is the greatest resource in learning the truth.”

So let’s keep the questions coming! Okay, enough with the quotes… let’s get to this week’s updates. Please read and plan accordingly.

  • Academic Advising Updates- We are still operating as a remote advising unit this week. Please note the                      following:  
    • We hope you have welcomed Na’Cole Wilson back to the advising team. Be sure to utilize her as well. We are still down one advisor but our goal is to be fully- staffed this summer.
    • Again, Andrea Swintal is still facilitating virtual appointments, but her schedule is full. Feel free to utilize myself, and Na’Cole Wilson.   
    •  Na’Cole, Andrea, and I will all be active during Virtual Walk-In Wednesdays this week. So please utilize that time as you need it. Have no fear...we will be here!
  • Registration Tips-  We made it through the first week of registration! (insert applause) We know this can invoke a variety of emotions, so as you navigate this process keep these tips in mind:
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety- Worry, impatience, and anxiety do nothing to improve your progress, so make sure you are having positive mental conversations with yourself. Just because a class is full now doesn’t mean it’s going to be full forever. Remember to take a breath and know that all will be well. 
  • Account Holds- Check to make sure there are no holds on your account. If there are holds, get them cleared. 
  • Re-familiarize yourself with typical registration add errors. They can be found here
  • Prepare a list of back-up courses that includes CRN’s, dates, and times. 
  • Expect system delays, as there are hundreds of other students registering when you are. 
  • Keep hope alive!
    • Transient Study Form- We know many of you who are interested in taking summer courses at your local community college. Please be sure to submit your request to us via the “Permit for Transit Study” form before enrolling in the course.
    • Pass/No Credit Policy Feedback- You should have received information from your academic department explaining how this will impact your progress. If you have questions, feel free to contact us in academic advising.
    • Course Repeats- If you are considering repeating a course be sure to submit your requests sooner than later as they may not be updated as quickly in this new remote environment. 
      • For information on Course Repeat Process, click here
    • Upper Division Admission Decisions/Parallel Planning- Some of you have been asking about admissions decisions. Your department is responsible and should be contacting you when the decisions are made. So don't fret...all will be well. In the meantime, we encourage you to exude positive self- talk and review/update your parallel plan to ensure you have contingency options. Again…Keep hope alive! 

Again, please remember that we are here for your success. We will get through this! Don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything. Peace & Blessings!

Thoughts For The Week

“Self-Compassion is the wisest, smartest version of yourself, whispering to you from the future…TAKE CARE OF ME.” 


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Contact Information:
  Dr. Demetrius Richmond
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Phone 704-687-8537


  Andrea Swintal
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Phone 704-687-7921


  Na'Cole Wilson
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Phone 704-687-7923


Welcome to the CHHS Advising Center!  We serve as the main academic advising and student support office for pre-majors in Nursing, Kinesiology, Social Work and Public Health in the College of Health & Human Services.

Here are some reasons you might come see us:

  • You need academic advising for majors or minors in the CHHS
  • You need help with university forms, policies and procedures
  • You need to learn about the various academic and student support resources of the campus
  • Or if you just have questions about being a student at UNC Charlotte and don't know where else to go for assistance, come see us!

We hope you are enjoying your experience at UNC Charlotte and in the College of Health & Human Services and look forward to seeing you in our office!

The Advising Center is located in the College of Health & Human Services 103.  Click here for a campus map