Health Connection Learning Community

If you are a freshman pursuing a major in Nursing, Exercise Science, Social Work, Public Health, or Health Systems Management  and  are interested in applying to the Health Connection Learning Community please click on the following links to apply and to answer a brief survey. Both application and survey must be completed for full consideration. Thank you.

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The Health Connection Learning Community is a residential learning community for students pursuing a major in Nursing, Social Work, Exercise Science, Public Health, or Health Systems Management. Freshman pre-majors are admitted to the Learning Community in the fall of each year and commit to participation with the community for one full year.

Students take classes together, participate in community service and learn together to enhance their understanding of different healthcare and social service disciplines, to increase their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills so they can function successfully in these settings.

Students live together in the same residence hall and receive individual academic advisement as well as faculty support for registration and progression throughout their freshman year.

Our goal is to provide collaborative teaching services to better prepare each student for possible entry into a variety of campus community resources. 


Experiencing the benefits of small college life through the establishment of close personal relationships with faculty in your own major while enjoying the excitement of a major university are only a few of the reasons to join our learning community. Other benefits offered include: assistance with the transition from high school to college life, weekly contact with your academic advisor, the establishment of lifelong friendships with other students in your major, the opportunity to explore and understand diverse cultures and perspectives, assistance with course registration and a connection with on-site tutors and peer mentors.

"I was very afraid that college was not for me at first. Once I started getting used to classes and seeing my same small group every day that has issues similar to me, I felt normal." - Social Work Female

"As a member of the learning community, I had the opportunity to live with others that had similar majors as me which helped on the academic side of college. I never had a class by myself and always had automatic study groups." - Pre-Nursing Female

"It would have taken me longer to adjust to UNCC if it were not for the Learning Community. Our class was the closest out of all my classes. We got very comfortable around one another and it was so much fun." Pre-Kinesiology Male


Students will participate in a minimum of 12 hours of service learning in the fall and spring semesters. Service learning hours will center on agencies or projects which fall within the scope of Health and Human services.


 During the Fall and Spring semesters, students will take a total of three classes together. Students enrolled in the Health Connection Learning Community will take HAHS 1000 (Prospect for Success), a Social Sciences course,  and LBST 2214 (Health and Quality of Life) in addition to their major courses.


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Please click here to apply:  Health Connection Learning Community

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