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We Are What We Build - Building for Health



Public Health Week Featured Guest

Richard J. Jackson MD MPH

Professor & Former Chair, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA
Former Director of CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health
Former State Health Officer, California Health Department

April 8, 2015

Reception 6 - 7 PM | Program 7- 8 PM

UNC Charlotte Center City Campus
320 E 9th Street
The 21st century is one of significant environmental and public health challenges. Access to affordable resources has dwindled due to increased world population and a large emerging middle class.  CO2 levels have risen dramatically. Increased amounts of energy and moisture in the air have led to unpredictable, often dangerous, weather patterns. Many seek safe places to live and work. The cost of health care continues to escalate not only as a result of an aging population and life-extending technology, but because of rapidly rising rates of chronic disease.
Piecemeal solutions will be insufficient to navigate these obstacles; long term answers must confront challenges across social and scientific domains. People need places—homes, buildings, spaces—that bring comfort and foster health at a personal and community level. Dr. Richard Jackson, one of the foremost advocates in the effort to shape our built environment to address crucial public health issues, will speak on these questions and more at UNC Charlotte's Center City Campus on April 8th. 

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